Gold Oysterquartz Day Date - A Rolex President Like No Other

A Rolex President Like No Other: The Gold Oysterquartz Day Date

Starting in the late 1970s up until the early 2000s, Rolex produced quartz watches that were dubbed Oysterquartz. The Rolex Oysterquartz was available in a variety of materials including steel, two-tone steel and gold, and solid gold. For a solid gold Oysterquartz however, we have to turn to the Day-Date editions. Join us as we discover the gold Oysterquartz Day Date collection.

The Origins of the Gold Oysterquartz Day Date

The Rolex Oysterquartz made its debut in 1977. While these were not the first Rolex quartz watches, they were the first to run on in-house quartz movements.

There were two main models that bore the Oysterquartz name—the Datejust and the Day Date. Rolex cleverly balanced classic design details of the traditional (i.e. mechanical versions) Datejust and the Day Date watches with traits that are exclusive to the Oysterquartz version.

For example, similar to the traditional Rolex President watch, the Oysterquartz Day-Date is only available in precious metal. In this case, there are only gold Oysterquartz Day-Date watches in either yellow or white shades. Furthermore, like their mechanical counterparts, the gold Oysterquartz Day-Date watches sport a 36mm Oyster case. However, the Oysterquartz versions actually wear bigger thanks to the distinct angular shape of the case.

Additionally, the gold Oysterquartz Day-Date watches also come with the signature President bracelet, but in an integrated style. Of course, as its name suggests, the gold Oysterquartz President timepieces also include the pair of iconic day and date windows that made the collection so famous. But, this time, powering the watches’ functions is the Rolex Caliber 5055 quartz movement.

Although early models of the Datejust Caliber 5035 were not COSC-certified, all Caliber 5055 movements beating at the core of Oysterquartz Day Date timepieces are indeed certified chronometers. As a result, all gold Oysterquartz watches will include the “Superlative Chronometer Officially certified” designation on the dial.

The Variety of the Gold Oysterquartz Day Date Lineup

During the 25-year production run of gold Oysterquartz President watches, Rolex released an assortment of references. The first and most classic choices are the Oysterquartz Day Date ref. 19018 in yellow gold and the ref. 19019 in white gold. Both these models include the iconic fluted bezel and integrated President bracelet. Dial options include stick indexes, Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and even diamond markers.

The yellow gold Oysterquartz ref. 19048 and the white gold Oysterquartz ref. 19049 are identical to the above Day Date watches except they also include a diamond bezel with 44 brilliant-cut gems.

Particularly interesting editions of the gold Oysterquartz Day Date watches are those with the pyramid design details. The Oysterquartz ref. 19028 includes an intricate pyramid motif on both the bezel, as well as, the center links of the President bracelet. On the other hand, the yellow gold Oysterquartz ref. 19038 and ref. 19068 boast both pyramids and diamonds.

There are also other ultra-luxurious iterations of the gold Oysterquartz decorated with a range of precious gems such as the ref. 19058, ref. 19078, ref. 19148, and ref. 19168.

So, if you’re looking for a solid gold Oysterquartz, then look no further than the varied Rolex Day Date President quartz collection. An interesting piece of Rolex history with a unique look that will always impress, the gold Oysterquartz Day Date is truly a Rolex President like no other.

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