Uh, don’t wreck your Mercedes when reporting your Rolex stolen -

Uh, don’t wreck your Mercedes when reporting your Rolex stolen

British rapper Professor Green found out the hard way that despite being a victim of a crime, it does not provide a license to drive drunk and get in a car wreck. Last week, Stephen Paul Manderson, better known as Professor Green in British rap circles, reported being mugged and his Rolex taken. There was no mention in the media as to which Rolex model, but the image on the left shows him wearing a two-tone Jubilee bracelet DateJust.

Apparently early Sunday morning on November 3, Professor Green contacted police alleging that his Rolex was stolen from him. When police arrived, they accused him of driving while under the influence of alcohol. There is no mention on how police officers discovered the crash while responding to the stolen Rolex call. Without question, police authorities connected a wrecked Mercedes to the registered owner, Professor Green. The crash of his Mercedes into another van was somewhat of a telltale sign of being under the influence, and Scotland Yard authorities suspect that the 29-year old was drinking hours before the accident. His reported clubbing on the night of the arrest also did not help his cause. Slamming the door shut is Professor Green’s images on Instagram showing vodka bottles emptied earlier in the evening was certainly somewhat of a bone-head move towards his defense.

Professor Green’s wife, Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh, 23, is not seen as being part of the incident, and at home when he called police at 2:40AM. Fortunately, there were not injuries in the automobile accident. Both the robbery and the accident investigations are ongoing.

Instances like Professor Green’s do not help the perception of owning a Rolex. For many, a Rolex is a “Texas Timex,” or “California Casio” both based on improving appearance and status. When rappers have their fake aftermarket Rolex bezels fall off on national television, or when politicians are caught being illegally gifted a Rolex or using campaign funds to purchase a Rolex, it puts Rolex watches and owning one in a very bad light. No one scorns when a Range Rover or BMW is wrecked, stolen, or owned by someone in the public eye. Yet, when a Rolex is mentioned, there is a status penalty that has to be paid. Maybe this is the reason why Rolex spends so much on stellar advertising, marketing, and brand building. Despite the abuses by some Rolex wearing dimwits, Rolex overcomes because it is a classic traditional fine Swiss watch that will run longer than the lives of its owners.

— Featured Photo Credits: Wikipedia Bio’s of Celebrities in this Blog Post.

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