Blog posts about Rolex theft

Woman’s Rolex Stolen During Yoga

There wasn’t much namaste happening in a yoga class in Columbus where a Powell woman reported that her $20,000 Rolex watch went missing while she was leading the class. The woman said that she had taken her Rolex off and forgotten she took it off until later that evening. Unfortunately when she contacted the owner […]

Did 50 Cent’s Crew Steal a Rolex?

You would think rapper 50 cent would have enough money to buy his own Rolex, but according to this article in the Daily Mail, he may have stolen one. The article reports that supposedly 50 Cent was going to buy a Rolex and chain worth $250,000 during the Mayweather Pacquaio fight weekend from the owner […]

Watch that Rolex. There are others who want them

Over the course of the last few weeks, there seems to be a rash of high profile Rolex thefts around the globe. Either the media is capturing these instances better, or there is a rise in large-scale Rolex thefts. Sharing these stories illustrates the lengths or opportunities people take to get a Rolex watch. Earlier […]

Who says lockers are safe for your Rolex

Ocala police reported that a Rolex watch and wallet were stolen Tuesday (21 May 2013) from a locker at the YMCA.  According to the report, the victim indicated that he secured his locker with his personal lock and key and was away for roughly 40 minutes.  When he returned, he found the locker open and […]

Watch your Rolex

Rolex are almost like diamonds. Everyone recognizes a Rolex watch, many people want them, people will pay dollars for them, and lastly, nobody wants to pay top dollar for them. Like with diamonds, there is an underground market for stolen Rolexes and entry points are as easy to find as the local pawn shop. When […]