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Thoughts On Cleaning Your Watch – Part 2

Last week I went covered briefly how I clean my stainless steel and precious metal pieces, this article will cover those timepieces on rubber and NATO straps as well as leather straps. Waterproof watch on Rubber and NATO. First we … Continued

Thoughts On Cleaning Your Watch – Part 1

Having handled a large number of watches in my time and also possessing extremely oily skin, I am prone to leaving my grubby paw prints over everything! I would be a rather rubbish thief… Right, first and foremost it boils … Continued

Proper Maintenance of a Rolex – Part I

Many new to Rolex ownership (or mechanical watch ownership in general) may not be aware of what is needed to do to properly maintain a Rolex watch. Mechanical watches are different from the typical quartz watches most people are accustomed … Continued

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