Thoughts On Cleaning Your Watch – Part 3


Non waterproof watch on Leather, Rubber, NATO, Stainless steel or Precious metal. This part of the article will only look after the watch itself and not the type of strap as they have all been covered. Seeing as it is a watch is not waterproof then no water or any other liquid for that matter.…read more

Thoughts On Cleaning Your Watch – Part 2


Last week I went covered briefly how I clean my stainless steel and precious metal pieces, this article will cover those timepieces on rubber and NATO straps as well as leather straps. Waterproof watch on Rubber and NATO. First we have the watches on rubber straps, these predominantly are treated by me in exactly the…read more

Thoughts On Cleaning Your Watch – Part 1


Having handled a large number of watches in my time and also possessing extremely oily skin, I am prone to leaving my grubby paw prints over everything! I would be a rather rubbish thief… Right, first and foremost it boils down to what time of timepiece you are trying to clean. Is it waterproof, because…read more

Proper Maintenance of a Rolex – Part II


In part one of this article, day-to-day maintenance of a Rolex watch was discussed from the point of view of someone who many have never before owned a mechanical watch. In Part II, using this same perspective, the mid to longer term maintenance requirements of a Rolex watch will be examined. ONCE A YEAR It’s…read more

Proper Maintenance of a Rolex – Part I


Many new to Rolex ownership (or mechanical watch ownership in general) may not be aware of what is needed to do to properly maintain a Rolex watch. Mechanical watches are different from the typical quartz watches most people are accustomed to wearing. Generally speaking, there really isn’t much to do to a quartz watch to keep…read more

Scratches in your Rolex: scratches or battle scars


For anyone who just invested in a nice watch, there is always the fear of getting scratches. No matter the type of metal –gold, stainless or platinum, to the type of watch, there is always the fear of getting scratches on it.  Other valuable items such as diamond rings or necklaces that like watches are…read more

Maintaining Your Rolex Watch – Part III: Timing & Disasters

Maintaining your rolex Watch – Part III: Timing & Disasters In Parts I and II we examined what the watch owner should do weekly and yearly to help insure the lifelong function of a quartz or mechanical watch.  In this section, we examine items to examine and do in the event of a disaster, or…read more

Maintaining Your Rolex Watch – Part II: The Strap

Maintaining Your Watch Part II – The Watch Strap In Part I of Maintaining Your rolex Watch, we discussed some of the daily maintenance rituals that watch owners should perform each day.  Like owning anything mechanical, there are maintenance items that need to be performed periodically to insure that your watch continues lifelong operation. One…read more

Maintaining Your Rolex Watch – Part I: Clean & Inspect

Part I – Cleaning & Inspecting Like anything mechanical, machines require some care and service and watches are no different.  Even with quartz battery powered watches, there is still some care and maintenance required in order to keep your watch running reliably. With all watches, including Rolex, it is good to keep your watch clean. …read more