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Purchasing a New or Pre-owned Rolex

Most people have thought about how fabulous it would be to own a Rolex. The watches are one of those aspirational objects that really say you have made it. Unfortunately, new ones are well out of reach of most of us. So why not a pre-owned one? There are many pleasures in life that are […]

Life Just Got Better!

Don’t you love it when things improve? When life gets better in a way that doesn’t compromise the service, or cost you more? We know we do, which is why we’re excited to announce the arrival of our new website for buying luxury timepieces, including used Rolex watches. BeckerTime is one of the largest independent […]

Where to Buy A Pre Owned Rolex Watch

BeckerTime of course! BeckerTime has worked hard to build a reputation for fairness and honesty that we are rightfully proud of. Our priority is ensuring you get the watch you’re looking for and are completely happy with the Rolex, and service you receive. Many people are still unsure of buying on the internet, especially when […]

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