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Cool Rolex Strap on KickStarter

One of the few places one would expect watch items is KickStarter. KickStarter is a way to fund creative projects and allow people to become part of the ground floor of innovative projects. Kickstarter believes that a good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. Leveraging the power of the Internet and the World […]

Rolex’s Full Movies on YouTube

Sponsoring some of the premier sporting events including yachting, golf, tennis, and equestrian events in the world, Rolex’s marketing machine is unmatched by but only a few companies in the watch industry. Rolex’s marketing ability is no less revealing than on their YouTube channel. Rolex published to social media late last year (chronicled here) and […]

Navy Seals Use Rolex

Anyone who questions whether Rolex watches are tough needs to see this video of a US Navy Seal going through this obstacle course. This obstacle course must be completed by first phase students in less than 12 minutes. This Seal instructor does it in a little over 6 minutes, and does not appear that he […]