Customize Your Rolex With BeckerTime

Whether it is your first, or number 20-something to add to your collection, it is always a good day when you buy a Rolex. Whichever model you decide to go with, either from the renowned tool watch collection or one of the more dressy options, you know you are wearing the product of several generations-worth […]

Rolex Watches Discontinued in 2019

The horological extravaganza that is Baselworld has shut up shop for another year, leaving in its wake a raft of new watches from a slew of brands, and Rolex in particular. In truth, 2019 did not see the crown at its most adventurous. The biggest news from the show was the Rolesor Sea-Dweller which is […]

The Rolex Watches Spotted at The Masters 2019

Golf fans from around the world were glued to their TVs this last weekend to see the action unfold at Augusta National Golf Club for the 2019 edition of The Masters. And spectators were not disappointed—in what was perhaps one the most exciting golf tournament in recent history, Tiger Woods made an epic comeback to […]

Rolex Authorized Dealers—Then and Now

Few things in life are as effective as a Rolex marketing strategy. From the company’s very earliest days, when founder Hans Wilsdorf secured the first ambassadors to tacitly promote his products for him, just about the only thing the brand does better than make watches is sell watches. People who know about such things now […]

Rolex’s Most Blinged Up Creations

Back in the day, the name Rolex conjured up images of rugged professional watches, hardy tool-like models for those venturing out into the wildest extremes, whether at the top of the world or diving into the abyssal depths. More recently, it has become associated with notions of luxury, expense and opulence—worn as symbols of success […]

Modern Rolex, Future Classic: Rolex Daytona 116520

In vintage Rolex watch collecting circles, the Daytona is basically a brand on its own. In fact, Paul Newman’s (the man responsible for popularizing old-school manual-wound Daytona watches with Rolex’s Exotic dials) very own vintage Rolex Daytona set a new world record for the most expensive wristwatch sold at auction when it fetched $17.8 million. […]

The Evolution in Size of Rolex Watches

As a company, Rolex has far more often set the rules than played by them. They have remained as unaffected by the prevailing and usually fleeting trends of the day as it is possible to be, and nowhere is that more evident than in the dimensions of their watches. While all about them the output […]

The History of Customizing Rolex Watches

It would be a dreary old world if everybody’s tastes ran the same. We’d all dress the same, eat the same, listen to the same music, live in the same type of house. Fortunately, we are all different, and it is what gives us such a fascinating variety in all things, including watches. Rolex’s catalog […]

5 Of The Coolest Watches From Baselworld 2019

Speak to anyone who either attended this edition of Baselworld or followed closely along online and you’ll start to understand that it wasn’t the best year for what is supposed to be the watch industry’s biggest fair. “Lackluster,” “boring,” and “uninspiring” are just some of the unflattering adjectives being used to describe Baselworld’s new watch […]