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Review: The Rolex Submariner ref. 14060

Undoubtedly the world’s favorite dive watch, the Rolex Submariner has been available in two different types since 1969. That was the year the brand decided to introduce a date function onto the model (that model being the ref. 1680), a move that split both the range and opinions pretty much down the middle. For some, […]

The Comparison Series: The Rolex Datejust Vs. The Vacheron Constantin FiftySix

On the surface of it, there don’t appear to be a whole host of similarities between Swiss watch brands Rolex and Vacheron Constantine. The former is most renowned for its sports collection, an iconic lineup of mechanically simple, robustly built and enduringly designed models. They are a mass-producer, albeit a luxurious one, of timepieces, building […]

How Long Does a Rolex Last?

If you’re going to spend Rolex money—on anything—you have every right to expect that thing to last a long time. The brand’s initial buy-in price seems high on first acquaintance, but if you happen to look through any number of vintage watch websites, you will see just how many of them dating back to the […]

Review: The Rolex Date ref. 15037

While it may be relatively slow about it, Rolex is an ever evolving company. Processes, technologies and materials change and improve over time, many innovated by the manufacturer itself. The ones that best capture the essence of what the brand is trying to achieve are adopted, while those which have run their course are retired. […]

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