June 2020 - Beckertime, LLC

The Rolex Metals Series: Stainless Steel

Traditional watchmaking is a fantastically complicated activity. Even the simplest movement, for example, will contain at least 100 separate components, all of which have to work together within tolerances measured in microns. But just as important as the underlying mechanics is selecting the right material with which to make all the various aspects—from the tiniest […]

Review: The Rolex Datejust ref. 16234

By 1988, the year Rolex released the ref. 162XX series of their all-conquering Datejust, the model had been in production for more than 40-years. During that time it had gone from brand flagship to being viewed as something of the venerable statesman in the portfolio. Its tonneau-shaped Oyster case had become an iconic part of […]

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