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The Rolex Caliber 3255

It’s a very rare occurrence when Rolex gives in to peer pressure. Over the years, critics have poked fun at their overriding design ethos of slow and gradual evolution, rather than launching radically revamped versions of their trademark pieces or entirely new models altogether. But their steady progression in developing their central core of watches […]

The Rolex Caliber 3075

An unqualified triumph, even by the standards of the most successful watchmakers of all time, the Rolex GMT-Master series has long been the benchmark by which all other dual time zone watches are measured. Starting life in the 1950s and developed in conjunction with Pan-Am Airways, the first of the breed, the ref. 6542, was […]

The Rolex Caliber 5035

You can forgive the Swiss watchmaking industry for dragging its feet when the quartz era dawned. An industry centuries in the making, they had brought mechanical timepieces to an unheard of level of sophistication. They forged movements that were both at the cutting edge of technology and a highly expressive art form. By comparison, the […]

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