Why Bezels Matter to Rolex Part III

In Part I and Part II of Why Bezels Matter to Rolex, we discussed the bezel utility of the Turn-O-Graph, Submariners, GMTs, and the Explorer II. In Part III, we continue onward examining the YachtMaster II, and Sky-Dweller bezels. Rolex’s tool watch functionality is also prevalent in both the YachtMaster and the YachtMaster II watches. […]

Why Bezels Matter to Rolex Part II

In Part I of Why Bezels Matter to Rolex, we examined the utility of the rotating bezel in the Rolex Turn-O-Graph and Submariner and how the design philosophy and intent of the watch centers upon the functionality of the bezel. In Part II, we continue on to the GMTs and Explorer II. The design of […]

Why Bezels Matter to Rolex Part I

Since the early 1950’s, Rolex has utilized a rotating bezel in its sport and tool watches starting with the Turn-O-Graph, a Rolex DateJust with the bezel that rotated in both directions to assist with watch timing under 60 minutes. The Rolex bezel, seen on all watches within the line, was initially designed to keep the […]

What do Oysters have to do with Rolex?

Rolex was the first company to serially produce a watch that was impervious to day-to-day dust and water. Rolex was able to achieve this feat by patenting a caseback that screwed into the case, a crown that screwed into the case, and a bezel that screwed the then acrylic crystal onto the case. Prior this […]

Carry Your Rolex?

Believe it or not, every Rolex is not necessarily worn. Although Rolexes are designed to withstand the rigors that come with adventure, exploration, or the theater, not everyone wears their Rolex because they wear a watch that if it does get scratched, it is not a big loss. Just like how people have beater cars, […]

Do I Really Need a Watch Winder?

One of the frequent questions is whether a mechanical watch owner needs a watch winder. Many times this question is raised after one reads the Sky Mall or other mail order catalog where the “revolutionary” aspects of a watch winder are divulged in a general circulation magazine. Given that most mechanical watches are automatically wound […]

What if Rolex Was Not Around?

One of the interesting questions posed in a forum recently asked “what watch would you get if there was not Rolex.” There were various responses that discussed the benefits of other watch brands and what other wrist watch aficionados would wear, but the responses missed the bigger question, “What if Rolex was not in existence?” […]

What is the Seductiveness of Adventure Watches?

Rolex’s partnership with National Geographic and traveling to the bottom of the Mariana Trench makes for an epic adventure story complete with its own movie director. Last week, Rolex and National Geographic made public their latest adventure diving to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The last attempt in 1960 also had Rolex involvement with […]