May 2012 - Beckertime, LLC

What is the big deal of Rolex’s use of 904L steel?

Starting in the early 2000’s Rolex use of 904L stainless steel transitioned from using the industry standard 316L stainless steel to 904L stainless steel. Rolex initially utilized 904L in the case only, but the newer sport watches utilize 904L in both the case and the bracelet. Even though stainless steel is supposed to prevent rusting […]

Rolex Bracelet Clasps – Always a debate

Rolex bracelet clasps have always been a point of debate. An important part of the Rolex bracelet, yet for years the clasp was a point who many thought Rolex had under-engineered. Up until recently the Rolex clasp was a stamped piece of steel that closed via a somewhat spring loaded compressed fit. Although these clasps […]

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