Watch your Rolex

Rolex are almost like diamonds. Everyone recognizes a Rolex watch, many people want them, people will pay dollars for them, and lastly, nobody wants to pay top dollar for them. Like with diamonds, there is an underground market for stolen Rolexes and entry points are as easy to find as the local pawn shop. When […]

Kello for iPhone – A Portable Timing Machine

Many times when a watch lands with watchmaker, one of the first things they do is to put the watch on a timing machine. Timing machines measure one aspect of the watch’s health by measuring the balance wheel’s function, its amplitude, and how well the watch measures accurate time. Timing machines live with the watchmaker, […]

2012 Rolex Awards for Enterprise Laureates on YouTube

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise are biennial awards for individuals who possessed conviction for taking on major challenges to improve lives, protect the world’s natural resources and cultural heritages. The Rolex Awards for Enterprise support pioneering work in applied technology, cultural heritage, environment, exploration, and science/health. The awards since 2009 have focused on Young Laureates […]

When Buying a Rolex, do your Homework

With the rise of the Internet and the value of good marketing, there is no shortage of watch information. So, when shopping Rolex prices to buy a Rolex online, doing your homework is crucial. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous sellers on both the Internet and brick-and-mortar storefronts that sell Rolex. Therefore, before purchasing a Rolex watch, […]

Rolex completes its 21st Century facility in Bienne

For the last 10 years Rolex has been producing more of their components entirely in house and relying less upon other manufacturers. Parachrom hairsprings, Parashock, Parachrom, OysterLock bracelets and other Rolex innovations are components now manufactured entirely in house. By controlling the manufacturing process, Rolex has greater control on quality, decreasing factory blemishes and are […]

Rare Rolex’s Found and Available to You…

Rare Rolex’s Found and Available to You… One of the appealing aspects of Rolex is seeing models fetch high prices at auction. Rolex watches have the capability of high auction prices because of its recognizable name known around the globe and because of the typical aspects that make normal items appealing in the auction world. […]