Yes, You even need to service your Rolex

Mechanical wristwatches exert their beauty by running without batteries, have an audible heartbeat, and the moving hands depict the earth’s movement through space around the sun. The (relative) mechanical simplicity of a wristwatch regulated by a thin hair spring, hands moved by small gears sitting on finely machined pinions spinning pressed synthetic jewels, all powered […]

Rolex goes to the Races

Rolex is starting 2013 like a revved-up Formula 1 car waiting for the green flag. Earlier in December, Rolex and Formula 1 race series sealed a partnership for the 2013 racing season. According to a statement released by Rolex, the company’s presence on the race circuit is “due to develop over the coming seasons.” Although […]

Rolex 2012 Price List

Finding Rolex Retail Prices Finding Rolex retail prices on the Internet is difficult because Rolex does not publish prices. Rolex believes that the Rolex consumer is best served at a Rolex Authorized Dealer. Rolex attempts to control the customer experience from the moment a prospective Rolex wearer walks into an Authorized Dealer to when they […]