Who says lockers are safe for your Rolex

Ocala police reported that a Rolex watch and wallet were stolen Tuesday (21 May 2013) from a locker at the YMCA. According to the report, the victim indicated that he secured his locker with his personal lock and key and was away for roughly 40 minutes. When he returned, he found the locker open and […]

Be careful who you (allegedly) gift a Rolex

Former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Bertusconi found himself with even more trouble when his alleged hired girl, Karima (Ruby) el Mahroug dismissed a series of sworn statements while on the stand in an Italian courtroom May 24th.  El Mahroug is at the center of a complicated story and involved with multiple lawsuits as a star […]

Rolex updates two other watches as well

Rolex’s bi-colored ceramic bezeled GMT and the platinum Daytona unveiled at Baselworld a few weeks ago pretty much stole the headlines for anything Rolex. Rolex fans anticipated a Daytona update because of the watch’s 50th anniversary and storied pedigree. For the last few years, GMT fans were waiting for a potential two-tone ceramic bezel since […]

Rolex beefs up its FaceBook presence

Although Rolex has had an Internet presence with their company website, Baselworld 2013 marks an impressive upgrade to Rolex’s presence on Facebook and in social media.  Starting on April 18th, the Rolex Facebook is supplying Facebook using Rolex fans with images, discussion, and history not found on Rolex’s company website. With over 442,000 likes in […]

Is it a 50th Anniversary Daytona at Baselworld?

Some say the latest platinum Rolex Daytona introduced at Baselworld is a 50th anniversary commemorative model, whereas other –including Rolex, say it’s not.  At one level, why would Rolex release a never before produced model on the 50th anniversary of the models release. On the other hand, the watch is in Rolex’s regular lineup, is […]

Check those screws and keep that Rolex bracelet clean

The Rolex Oyster bracelet is one of Rolex’s trademark qualities found on all its watches. Current Rolex Oyster bracelets are made of 904L steel, like the watch case, and are very durable because of the design and manufacturing techniques used in manufacturing them. The Rolex Oyster bracelet is assembled with solid links and pivot pins […]