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Proper Maintenance of a Rolex – Part II

In Proper Maintenance of a Rolex – Part I, the day-to-day maintenance of a Rolex watch was discussed from the point of view of someone who may have never owned a mechanical watch. In Part II, using this same perspective, the mid to longer term maintenance requirements of a Rolex watch will be examined. Once […]

Proper Maintenance of a Rolex – Part I

Many new to Rolex ownership, or mechanical watch ownership in general, may not be aware of what they need to do to properly maintain a Rolex watch. Mechanical watches are different from the typical quartz watches most people are accustomed to wearing. Generally speaking, there really isn’t much to do to a quartz watch to […]

Another stellar iOS App from Rolex

Earlier in September Rolex released another stellar iOS iPad (only) app focused exclusively on the Rolex Daytona and auto racing. The iOS app profiles the stainless Daytona chronograph wristwatch, and highlights other aspects of auto racing, and the technology behind the Rolex Daytona. Titled the Rolex Daytona Experience, the app is primarily designed to bring […]

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