August 2014 - Beckertime, LLC


Stories. Every Rolex wearer has one. Some are better than others, of course, but each is unique. One of my favorites is the one a friend tells about the time he crossed paths with a grizzled veteran TV producer wearing a vintage Pepsi GMT-Master. When asked about the watch, the guy allowed as how it […]

Essential Watch Accessories

The world of watches and timepieces is vast, intricate and at times perceived to be limitless. What could possibly add to the experience that we get when we wear, look at or own a watch or more than one, if you are lucky! Certain essentials aid the process and just enhances our overall experiences. This […]

Why Should I Insure My Watch?

Search “Rolex” on Google, then click the subheader “News” and see what comes up. Most results are reports of thefts or of court cases involving thieves. Unfortunately, if you own a Rolex – or any other fine watch – you’re a potential target for the unscrupulous. Best to be insured, and to take some simple […]

Realizing My First Rolex

OK. A lot of you reading this own a Rolex watch. Maybe you own several. Maybe you’re even a collector. But you started somewhere. Someone – maybe your dad or a wife or girlfriend – gave you your first Rollie. Or you bought it for yourself after achieving something big, some milestone in your life. […]

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