Rolex and Golf, Swinging Times

Considered one of the most prestigious and difficult sports to master, it is no wonder that Rolex is a strong supporter of golf. From sponsoring the game’s greatest tournaments to partnering with some of the best players in the sport’s history, Rolex is one of the most prominent brands in golf. Tee up and join […]

Rolex and Yachting, Smooth Sailing

When Rolex supports a sport on a global level, the brand pretty much goes all out. Take yachting for example. Rolex has been a part of the sailing world since 1958 when it partnered with the prestigious New York Yacht Club (NYYC). Fast-forward to today, and Rolex is the title sponsor of a whole host […]

Reality TV Stars and the Rolex Watches they Wear

Love it or hate it, reality television is a big part of today’s entertainment. Depending on the show, regular folk can become overnight celebrity sensations as they stream into the living rooms of millions of people around the world. From home improvement shows to singing contests to just watching people live their crazy lives on […]

Hollywood Actresses Wearing Men’s Rolex Watches

From Mark Wahlberg to Brad Pitt to Sly Stallone, we’ve highlighted many of the Rolex watches favored by Hollywood actors. But what about the ladies? Well, it seems that Hollywood’s leading ladies wear men’s Rolex watches too. What can we say, Rolex watches really are celeb favorites. Here are some of top Hollywood actresses and […]

Rolex Spotting at the 2018 ESPYS Awards

Short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award, the ESPYS are the equivalent of the Oscars but for the sports world. With a celebrity guest list that includes a mix of professional athletes, Hollywood stars, and chart-topping musicians, the ESPY awards are always a glamorous affair. The 2018 ESPY awards, held on Wednesday, July 18, […]

Rolex and Tennis, A Fruitful Match

Along with making superb watches, Rolex has managed to maintain their leading status in the luxury watch space thanks to clever marketing strategies. For instance, the brand aligns itself with a handful of prestigious sports, including tennis. The Swiss watchmaking giant has been supporting the sport of tennis since 1978, when the brand became the […]

Be Quick! The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph ref. 16520

The Rolex Daytona’s first step towards true world domination can be traced back to one reference. While the brand’s only chronograph had been hovering on the fringes for a quarter of a century, the ignored underdog and a perpetual disappointment in the Rolex stable, it wasn’t until 1988 that its rags to riches story really […]

Stainless Steel Rolex Watches

Over its history, Rolex has produced a staggering number of watches. The variety in their selection is truly enormous and it is not difficult to get confused when faced with so much choice. Every person who comes to us knows they want a Rolex. But which one? Vintage or modern? A sports model or a […]

The World’s Billionaires and Their Rolex Watches

It’s hard to imagine, but according to Forbes, there are 2,208 billionaires on this planet. This select group of ultra-wealthy people, aka the “three comma club,” includes 585 Americans—the largest nationality by far. Naturally, we were curious to see which members of the 2018 Billionaires Club wear Rolex watches and unsurprisingly, we found quite a […]

Yellow Gold Rolex Watches

Is there anything that can split an opinion quite like a gold watch? Once seen as the king of precious metals, yellow gold timepieces have been the victims of their own success and now tend to be viewed as either the retirement gift your grandfather was given, or else they are the self-congratulating wrist trophies […]