NASCAR Legend, Jeff Gordon’s Rolex Watches

NASCAR season is in full swing. With the adrenaline-filled DAYTONA 500 race coming up this Sunday, we’re taking a look at the Rolex watches of one of the sport’s greatest drivers. Buckle up and join us as we highlight Jeff Gordon’s Rolex watches. Jeff Gordon is All About the Rolex Daytona The semi-retired Jeff Gordon […]

Rolex Spotting at the 2019 Grammys

The 61st Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, February 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. Dubbed “Music’s Biggest Night,” the Grammys awards are always packed with entertainment—on and off stage. As always, we were on the lookout for some Rolex watches as stars strutted the red carpet and sure enough, there were plenty on show. Here […]

Important Parts of a Rolex Watch: The Metals

Following our in-depth investigations into the movements, cases, bezels, bracelets, and dials we have now arrived at the sixth chapter of our Important Parts of a Rolex Watch series. We will be examining the different types of metals Rolex uses to produce their watches—both historically and currently. The Evolution of Rolex Stainless Steel Whether for […]

Ladies Rolex

Considering that for the first hundred years or so of their existence, wristwatches were the sole preserve of women, you would think Rolex, the world’s most successful manufacture, would have a much better stocked archive of ladies models. However when the company was formed, in 1905, it was at a time when the first inklings […]

Midsize Rolex

Defining what actually constitutes a midsize watch, particularly with Rolex, can be a little tricky. To begin with, it is a fairly loose term anyway. Like with ‘men’s size’ and ‘women’s size’, there are no hard and fast rules as to what exact dimensions represent an intermediate. So, two different models in the catalog can […]

The Most Popular Questions About Rolex Watches

Rolex has been around now for well over a century, and has been the most recognizable watchmaker on the planet for the vast majority of that time. Through a blend of amazing inventiveness, impeccable design, innovative marketing and an almost impenetrable veil of mystery shrouding their operations, they have become a source of endless fascination […]

Mens Rolex Watches

There is no company more recognized or revered in the world of watchmaking than Rolex. Not only the most successful luxury timepiece brand of all time, they are also among the biggest luxury marques of any kind. The name is now synonymous with affluence and aspiration and they are the number one choice of just […]

Important Parts of a Rolex Watch: The Dials

Welcome to the fifth installment of our Important Parts of a Rolex Watch. So far, we have covered the movements, the cases, the bezels, and the bracelets. Today, we’ll be delving deep into Rolex dials. As the face of the watch, the dial is essential to the look of a timepiece and as we’ll soon […]