February 2019 - Beckertime, LLC

Five Different Ways to Customize a Rolex Watch

While some people are happy with the way a Rolex looks in its original form, others love to customize their Rolex watches to suit their own tastes. In fact, there are a lot of buyers who purchase relatively simple and inexpensive pre-owned Rolex watches from the secondary market with plans to modify it. There are […]

Modern Rolex Versus Vintage Rolex

For Rolex collectors, this is really the biggest question of them all; which is better—the current lineup of contemporary models, or the brand’s vast archive of vintage pieces? Obviously, ‘better’ is all very subjective, and what some people see as the pros of one, others will see as cons and vice versa. With no wish […]

Platinum Rolex Watches

Although platinum was officially discovered by Spanish explorer Antonio de Ulloa in the 18thcentury, the use of the precious metal as a decorative component can be traced back as far as ancient Egyptian times. Its unique properties and lustrous shine have long been sought after, and its extreme rarity leads to it being among the […]

Two-Tone Rolesor Rolex Models

Of all Rolex’s signature looks, it is possibly their two-tone offerings that are so archetypal of the brand. Like many of the things that today we take for granted in the world of horology, it was Rolex themselves who first came up with the concept, patenting the process in 1933 and coining it Rolesor. Rolling […]

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