August 2019 - Beckertime, LLC

Rolexes Watches with some Bling Bling

Although Rolex offers a handful of seriously iced-up models of their own, produced in strictly limited numbers and wearing terrifying price tags, for some brand devotees that still isn’t quite exclusive enough. For those fans, only the true one-off will do, leading them to beat a path to the customizer’s door. Here, there are several […]

The Top 10 Rolex Day-Date Dials

The Day-Date has been Rolex’s most aspirational model since its introduction in 1956. One-upping the revolutionary Datejust by adding a second calendar complication, it was the first watch ever made to display the day of the week spelled out in full. Unashamedly elitist, it has never been crafted in anything other than the finest precious […]

The Evolution of Timekeeping

The passage of time has always been one of the human race’s central fascinations, and devising methods of measuring that passing has long been an obsession. Where we are now is the result of a 20,000-year process of evolution, and we are by no means at the end. But from the incredibly primitive to the […]

Rolex and the Rise of the Super Fake

Anything that has value, especially in the arts, has always been prey to counterfeiters. Great paintings have been forged, as have pieces of fine jewelry or sculpture, and sold to the unsuspecting, often for phenomenal sums of money. As technology has progressed, it has also become possible to produce convincing fakes of mass produced items—shoes, […]

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