November 2021 - Beckertime, LLC

The History of Rolex Pilot’s Watches

It is really a matter of opinion over which genre Rolex is most famous for; diving watches or pilot’s watches. In the canon there are true icons of each, but the brand’s relationship with aviation actually stretches back further. Although they can’t claim to be the first manufacturer to develop a wristwatch designed specifically for […]

Review: The Rolex Day-Date ref. 18078

The Day-Date ref. 180XX series launched in 1978 and stands as something of a transitional reference for the model. Things were moving fairly swiftly for Rolex at the time, as evidenced by the fact that the range was only around until 1988, before the ref. 182XX family took over. However, as with many Rolex models, […]

The Perfect Three Watch Rolex Collection

We tend to go pretty deep into the minutiae on occasion over here at the Beckertime blog. It sometimes seems as if there’s an almost infinite amount of material we could talk about, and it is always fascinating to dig down into the real intricacies surrounding watchmaking in general and Rolex in particular. Every now […]

The 3 Most Undervalued Vintage Rolex Watches

When the majority of the headlines concerning vintage Rolex center around the record-breaking sums now being paid for them, it can seem unlikely we would be describing any as ‘undervalued’. However, away from the high profile auctions and ultra rare oddities, there are still a number of references out there which have somehow slipped under […]

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