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The Rolex Caliber 2230/2235

In 1999, Rolex began the transition from their highly successful Caliber 2130 series of calibers, the second generation of movements crafted specifically for the ladies’ watch range, and started the role out of its replacement, the Caliber 2230. Although the earlier series, from its launch in 1983, had gained the distinction of the highest first […]

The Rolex Caliber 3185

What’s in a wobble? Well, according to the most diehard of luxury watch collectors, it is whether or not the 24-hour hand on a vintage Rolex GMT model twitches slightly when the time is adjusted. This is a very big deal. It is the quickest way to identify whether an Explorer II ref. 16570 or GMT-Master […]

The Grail Watch Series: Sea-Dweller

There are a number of pieces in the Rolex stable that have earned the epithet ‘iconic’ over the years—timeless examples of design and engineering virtuosity that have lifted the brand far above the status of mere watchmakers. Models such as the Submariner and the Daytona can easily lay claim to being in such exclusive company. […]

The Most Popular Rolex Watches of the 2010s

When marketing executives face looming deadlines, calling their newest charge ‘the Rolls Royce of…’ is an easy and dependable fallback to successfully demonstrate a product of unassailable quality. The Silver Cross pram is the ‘Rolls Royce of baby strollers’. Chef and professional potty mouth Gordon Ramsey cooks the ‘Rolls Royce of beef Wellingtons’ at the […]

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