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The Rolex Caliber 3035

The 1960s was a golden age for Rolex. It was an age that saw the company in full swing. During this time, it launched a number of its most important and enduring creations. This is with both the watches themselves and in the movements that powered them. Of these, the 1500 series of calibers stand […]

The Most Popular Rolex Watches of the 1920’s

The Vintage Rolex 1920s Oyster Innovation To kick off our series covering the most popular watches from Rolex’s long and illustrious history, we’ll begin way back in the 1920’s. It was the decade in which Rolex truly became Rolex. It was finally transitioning from the original name of Wilsdorf and Davis, and starting to build […]

The Rolex Caliber 1560/1570

The Rolex 1560 and 1570 Movements In the early days of the company, Rolex sourced the intricate movements that powered their watches from the likes of Aegler, one of Switzerland’s finest watchmakers. It wasn’t until 1957 that they developed their own truly in-house movement, the 1500 series. They became a mainstay of the company, remaining […]

6 Facts About Rolex You May Not Have Known

Interesting Facts About Rolex and its Brand History They may be the most famous watchmakers in the world. However, the Swiss colossus that is Rolex is notoriously secretive about the goings-on behind its walls. Even the most basic information remains a jealously guarded secret; no one outside the company, for example, even knows exactly how […]

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