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Iconic Rolex Sports Watches

There are two very distinct sides to the Rolex lineup: the Rolex dress watches and the Rolex sports watches. Whereas by nature, dress watches are designed to look great, but Rolex sports watches are designed to look great and to serve a specific purpose. In fact, all Rolex sports watches began as a purpose-built tool […]

Will The Steve McQueen Imposter Please Stand Up?

The Rolex Explorer II – at least early examples of it – is called the Steve McQueen, even though Steve McQueen the actor never wore one. No, the King of Cool wore a Submariner 5512, which we’ll cover in a future installment. Rolex introduced the Explorer II in 1971. The watch was basically a GMT-Master […]

Going Where No Man – Or Watch – Had Gone Before

Ever wonder about the backstory of your favorite Rolex? Well, stick with us. This is the third in a series of posts featuring histories of significant Rolex models. You’ll find all the reference numbers connected with each model here. In all, Rolex has introduced nearly three dozen models since 1950. Over the next several weeks, […]

Trends in Watches

Trends really don’t show themselves in watches the way they do in, say, clothing. The lead times are too long, and the investments too great to take such risks as “orange is the new black.” But, as British watch industry watcher James Gurney pointed out a few weeks ago, they do happen. They simply happen […]

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