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A Rolex History Lesson

Many of us are well aware of the Rolex brand, but there’s so much more behind the history of it that really makes it remarkable. For instance, Hans WIlsdorf was the man who actually started the Rolex company, and was originally from Germany although he later moved to Great Britain. Hans also came up with […]

The Great Escapement – How Rolex helped the British PoWs of WWII

By the beginning of World War II, Rolex SA had already established a reputation as a superior manufacturer of wristwatches. Indeed, many Royal Air Force pilots were replacing their standard-issue watches with a Rolex for their reliability, durability, and accuracy. However, when prisoners of war were interned in the German camps, their wristwatches were confiscated […]

What do Oysters have to do with Rolex?

Rolex was the first company to serially produce a watch that was impervious to day-to-day dust and water. Rolex was able to achieve this feat by patenting a caseback that screwed into the case, a crown that screwed into the case, and a bezel that screwed the then acrylic crystal onto the case. Prior this […]