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Get Hands-On With This Tourbillon Watch

The Swiss-owned, English-inspired watch brand, Graham, has recently released the Geo.Graham Tourbillon, which is a simple, smart, and straightforward watch that is rather nice to look at. This version however isn’t like the crazy-crowned sports studs they’ve been showcasing for the last few years, this one definitely seems to set itself apart from the crowd. […]

Baselworld 2015 – RJ-RomainJerome Part 2

Yesterday we went all out in terms of geeky ness with the Batman 75th Anniversary seen at Baselworld. Then we went on to some Historical geekery, with the Barlin-DNA. Today we go to a different form of geekery and nerdiness. This time around we reach the heady heights of classic gaming! It is amazing when […]

GPHG 2014 Tourbillon Winner

Brothers Bart and Tim Grönefeld were elated to receive the prestigious prize for Best Tourbillon for their Parallax Tourbillon at the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). The GPHG is considered the ‘Oscars of Watchmaking’ and was held at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva, Switzerland on October 31st, 2014. More than 1,500 guests attended […]

Elegance and Timeless Beauty – Arnold & Son TE8

The tourbillon is one of the most elegant and inspired complications in the history of watchmaking. As simple in principle as it is difficult to make, the mechanism was designed to eliminate the errors of rate caused by gravity on a pocket watch carried in a vertical position. Weighing mere fractions of a gram, it […]

Essential Watch Accessories

The world of watches and timepieces is vast, intricate and at times perceived to be limitless. What could possibly add to the experience that we get when we wear, look at or own a watch or more than one, if you are lucky! Certain essentials aid the process and just enhances our overall experiences. This […]