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Vintage Rolex Pricing Guide

If you’re looking for a vintage Rolex within a certain price range, this guide can surely help you out. It starts out with the Rolex watches in the $1000 – $5000 range which are usually the most iconic models; the Datejust. This watch is a great first watch investment because it can be worn at […]

23 Rolex Watches to Watch For

Who doesn’t love a list of Rolex watches to gawk at and dream about? Luckily Bloomberg decided to give us almost two dozen instead of the typical one watch reveal. The watches range from classic to vintage Rolexes, and range in price from…well you know the price of Rolexes. Starting with the “bread-and-butter” end of […]

Gem and Jewelry Shows – Where Fine Watches Hide

OK! For the next week or so, we’re going to try something new: live blogging from a major trade show. As this blog post is going up on the Beckertime blog, I’m winging my way to Tucson, Arizona. Every year about this time, Tucson turns into one giant gem and jewelry trade show. About 40 […]

New or old Rolex?

Have you ever had an old pair of jeans that you got new, when they were crisp and hard. In fact they were damn uncomfortable to wear the first month or so. Then after time they softened up a bit and became more supple, they started to mould to your body and the way you […]

Lifting The Lid

Many of us have been duped into the new age of ‘branded’ products, i.e. products have a name designated on them but have no relation or resemblance to the brand that it is actually representing. All in all we end up paying for a reputation not necessarily craftsmanship. There are obviously some powerhouses that have […]

A look into collecting vintage watches

Rolex and other fine timepieces older than 25-30 years old are considered “vintage” because of their age and how their design and technology matches the time period they were produced. For many, collecting vintage timepieces is an obsession that some compare with collecting art. There is not particular utility in collecting art, other than covering […]

Gordon Ramsay prepares his own Rolex treat

Over the winter holidays television chef Gordon Ramsay left  holiday shopping to his wife Tana to dive into one of London’s premier vintage watch stores and purchased a rare Rolex Submariner valued at over $24,000. According to British tabloid, The Sun and The Huffington Post, Ramsay was holiday shopping with his wife Tana, but left […]