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Like or hate it: The Rolex DeepSea

There is not any other way to put it. The Rolex DeepSea is a large watch. One of Rolex’s engineering marvels, the DeepSea is designed to descend to depth not survivable by any human with a pressure rating of 12,800 feet. At 44mm wide, 17.5mm high the DeepSea is a true tool watch; a watch […]

Rolex Oyster bracelets: hollow link or solid link?

Throughout Rolex’s evolution there has been much emphasis on movement, case, dial, function, but not much focus on one of the watch most important elements –the bracelet. Early Rolex models utilized a customary vintage strap, but starting in 1947 Rolex created the Oyster strap making the watch look like with was strapped on with rigid […]

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