Top pro athletes wear Rolex

Rolex Sponsorships in Sports Prized winnings are not fueling the increased revenue for professional athletes. Instead, it is because of the Rolex sponsorships in sports and the skyrocketing television and endorsement deals that are making these athletes very wealthy. Since 1990, Forbes magazine has been tracking the earnings of top athletes. So far, earlier in June, Forbes […]

James Gandolfini and Rolex

James Gandolfini’s passing at the age of 51 evokes a number of images and classic lines from his role as Tony Soprano in the HBO series Sopranos.  Vacationing in Rome with his son on a guy’s trip, Gandolfini reportedly suffered a heart attack at around 10:00PM local time. Gandolfini was scheduled to appear at the […]

The Archetypical Rolex

When it comes to naming the archetypical Rolex, there are a few models that come to mind. For many who look for watches out in public, sometimes known as “watchspotting,” the typical Rolex stands out. Because Rolex’s model progression is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, it is easy to discern that classic solid Oyster case profile […]

Rolex Watches Released in 2013

2013 brought six new or updated watches from Rolex. For many, 2013 was a refinement year for Rolex by adding variations to existing Rolex models. 2013 was not like 2012 where the SkyDweller, an entirely new watch and movement came to reality, or 2008 when the DeepSea was the go to new Rolex watch. The […]

Rolex awards enterprise awards for young laureates

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise was created to foster a spirit of enterprise and knowledge in the areas of science/health, applied technology, exploration/discovery, environment, and cultural heritage. Last November, Rolex selected five Rolex Laureates for Enterpise whose advancements are covered back in a November Beckertime posting here. Because Rolex received a record number of applications […]