Ann-Margret to Receive 2013 Rolex Dance Award

Ann-Margret will be presented the Rolex Dance Award by the Career Transition for Dancers on October 8th in New York City.  Ann-Margret will be presented with the Rolex award at the 28th Anniversary Jubilee Broadway and Beyond celebration.  Ann-Margaret is a two time Academy Award nominee, winner of five Golden Globe awards, Emmy Award recipient, […]

Rolex is not worried about the iWatch

Despite Apple trademarking the name iWatch in various countries and hiring developers for what appears to be iWatch development, combined with the rumored efforts of Samsung and Google towards smart watch development, it appears that the traditional mechanical watch as seen the end of its days.  Don’t tell that to the Swiss watch industry, who […]

Investing in watches: Rolex not a bad choice

One of the common questions when a first time high-end watch buyer is the investment value of a Rolex or other high-end Swiss wristwatch.  For many first time buyers, there is an ongoing thought and justification process to spend well over four digits on an item whose function can be replicated with an inexpensive battery […]

Rolex “Bruiser” slowly showing up in the United States

Trickling in since early July early reports of the Rolex GMT 116710 blue-black bezeled Rolex have been very positive.  Since its’ unveiling at Baselworld last April, there has been much anticipation on how the blue-black bezeled GMT looked.  The Rolex 116718,116713,116710 has been part of the Rolex line-up since 2005 – 2007 utilizing an all-black […]

The making of the Rolex DeepSea Challenge

Rolex’s partnership with National Geographic and traveling to the bottom of the Mariana Trench makes for an epic adventure story complete with its own movie director.  Last week, Rolex released on YouTube a video with James Cameron describing how the DeepSea Challenge wristwatch was made.  The Rolex DeepSea Challenge is an oversize version of the […]