Wearing the new(er) Rolex Explorer II 216570

Since Basel 2011 when Rolex unveiled an updated version of the venerable Explorer II, there has been much written about the new(er), updated Rolex Explorer II model 216570. At its launch, the Explorer II was featured prominently in Rolex’s iOS iPad app and in stories fueled and supplied by National Geographic, a partner in the […]

Rolex Tudor Heritage Chrono

When Hans Wilsdorf wanted a watch for the everyman, he knew that his flagship brand, Rolex was not the watch line.  So, starting in 1946, Wilsdorf unveiled the Tudor watches complete with a rose flower logo a symbol of the English Tudor dynasty.  The first Tudor watches, the Tudor Oyster and Oyster Prince utilized waterproof […]

Having to watch counterfeits

Without question, counterfeit watches are big business. With any high dollar, highly recognized item, knock offs are going to appear. Fakes range from knock-off iPhones, iPhone chargers, Gucci and Hermes, cologne, pharmaceutical drugs, and of course, watches, -all things with demand and dollars attached. Problems with fakes is more than the consumer perceiving that they […]

Rolex Magazine #1 (really?)

Rolex forum and message board members are reporting the release of Rolex Magazine in Europe and the U.K.  Rolex is well known for their top notch marketing materials, and they have a long history in publishing masterful print publications. Rolex’s marketing and point of sale publications help build the Rolex mystique.  Rolex conveys its #1 […]

Bespoke Rolex and your Rolex

For many, Rolex is the perfect watch. The Rolex Oyster watch case and bracelet are one of the most copied aspects within the watch industry.  Utilizing a solid watch case which is first stamped then milled into the precise shape, combined with a solid link Oyster or Jubilee bracelet and milled clasp make the Rolex […]

Another grey market dealer, but this one is in Bagdad

One article that published on the Internet on September 1 that caught our interest was that of a Rolex looking dealer in downtown Bagdad. From the outside it appears as a certified Rolex Authorized Dealer complete with cases filled with Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Raymond Weil wristwatches.  Because of the danger associated with being in […]

A SmartWatch that is Swiss and not plastic

The smart watch has certainly evolved from the Casio calculator watch and taking an iPod mini and strapping it to your wrist. With the Pebble smart watch found at your local Best Buy, smart watches are trying to get traction in the mass mainstream market.  The big three portable electronics manufacturers, Google/Android, Apple, and Samsung, […]