Dave’s Favourite Rolex(s) On BeckerTime

Rolex has done things extremely well for a long long time, and upon my reflections earlier on in the week about whether you should purchase new or old, I thought I would focus on old today. My first choice is this vintage 1950s datejust in steel. A real classic in my mind, and the first […]

The Babe’s Watch

Yet another iconic timepiece – and arguably THE most iconic piece of sports memorabilia ever – has gone across the auction block. Babe Ruth’s 1923 World Series watch, a Gruen VeriThin, sold at Heritage Auctions in New York last Saturday. The price, including buyer’s premium, was a cool $717,000. The watch is a unique pentagonal […]

New or Used Rolex?

Have you ever had an old pair of jeans that you got new, when they were crisp and hard. In fact they were damn uncomfortable to wear the first month or so. Then after time they softened up a bit and became more supple, they started to mould to your body and the way you […]

Two Things to Remember with Rolex

A good rule of thumb and sound Rolex advice includes two things to remember when it comes to Rolex. First, don’t buy fakes. Second, when shipping your Rolex, use insured certified mail.  The reasons for these two reminders are because of a series of unrelated stories showing up on the Internet that act as a […]

Five Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Rolex

Rolex has its haters out there, we all know that. Whether it’s because they’re too common, too successful, too secretive, too loved by non-watch lovers, too representative of some segment of society of which we secretly don’t approve, too blinged out with diamonds, or something else entirely, some people have their reasons for disliking the […]

Why clean your Rolex Bracelet

We have covered the importance of keeping your Rolex bracelet clean here on Beckertime over these last few years. Unlike other items that people wear, the reasons for keeping your Rolex bracelet clean are not apparent. It is not like a Rolex bracelet becomes visibly dirty with the notable exception of gold links becoming tarnished, […]

Ladies Too!

When one thinks of watches and watch collecting, too often it’s men and men’s watches they’re thinking about. So it was refreshing to notice the ladies were nicely represented in the selection of vintage watches at the Miami Beach Antique Show last week. As retailers know, there’s a major element of ladies watches in the […]

Why is the Rolex Daytona just so cool

One of Switzerland’s most iconic watches is the Rolex Daytona. Long considered the pinnacle of the Rolex watch line, the Daytona pulls at the heartstrings of many watch aficionados for several reasons. From a style and design standpoint, the Rolex Daytona is a style icon unto itself. From a purely mechanical view, the Daytona utilizes […]