July 2015 - Beckertime, LLC

What A Day With eBay!

We’re pretty excited about what happened last Monday. It was quite a day for us with eBay!  Matt Becker, CEO of BeckerTime visits NASDAQ in sunny California to help eBay ring the bell to close out the trading day. You may know, eBay recently spun PayPal off into its own independent company. Yep, PayPal is […]

Watch Trivia for Your Friday from BeckerTime & NAWCC

If you’re a fan of the watch world and all things time related, here is a neat list of trivia compiled by the National Watch & Clock Museum (NAWCC).  The watch geeks here at BeckerTime found these tidbits to be quite interesting…ENJOY: – “Fortnight” is a contraction of “fourteen nights.” In the United States “two […]

Leap Second Overtakes Y2K As Worst Internet Menace

Well, it turns out that the leap second implemented Tuesday night caused far more disruption than the mythical Y2K bug did fifteen years ago. That is to say, about 2000 networks around the world were down for a few minutes at midnight UTC. The same thing happened in 2012, with consequences that were a bit […]