The 29mm Rolex Watches

The 29mm Rolex watches are particularly few and far between. In fact, the modern lineup doesn’t have any examples in this size. However, in the vintage archives there are only two models that measure up. Fortunately, both of them are real beauties. Each one, the Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster and the Lady Yacht-Master, were originally the smallest […]

The 26mm Rolex Watches

A 26mm Rolex model has been at the heart of Rolex’s women’s range since the very earliest days of the company. As with many of the men’s watches, they have resisted the urge to follow fashion and increase in size for as long as possible, but even they have had to concede in recent years. […]

Get Summer Ready with these Sporty Rolex Watches

With the Summer Solstice behind us, we are officially in the summer season! Along with lighter clothes, hats, and shades to keep us cool during these hot months, as watch enthusiasts, we’re also changing up our Rolex watches for the season. From dive watches to dual time watches and others, here are the best sporty […]

High Performance: Rolex and Sports

Rolex has been a part of the global sports scene for a long time. Remember, when swimmer Mercedes Gleitze swam across the English Channel in 1927, she had a Rolex Oyster around her neck! Even after 10 hours submerged in cold waters, the Rolex Oyster continued to work perfectly. The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf […]

The Watch Collector Series: Rolex’s Rarest

In Rolex’s more than a century of existence, they have given the world great armfuls of designs that can only be described with that most overused of words: iconic. They have created pieces that are so well known, even people with no interest in the art and science of watchmaking can confidently name them at […]

The History of Watch Collecting

The vintage watch collecting market has witnessed an exponential rise in both popularity and prices over the last decade. Although it seems as if the industry is experiencing its golden age, it might be too early to tell. The phenomenon itself is a relatively new one, only really starting with any serious vengeance in the […]

Gold Shell Rolex Watches

A gold Rolex watch has long been a potent symbol of success and achievement. They have also long been fairly costly. Starting way back in the 50s, the brand sought to address the price issue, and get their creations onto more wrists, by releasing gold shell watches. These were pieces with stainless steel cases, covered […]