June 2019 - Beckertime, LLC

Rolex Watches Discontinued in the 1970s

Although Rolex withstood the quartz crisis of the 1970s better than any of its compatriots, the decade still stands as perhaps the darkest days the traditional watch industry has ever had to face. With André Heiniger at the helm, only the second CEO in the company’s history following the death of founder Hans Wilsdorf, they […]

History of Rolex Pocket Watches

Every great company has to start somewhere. For Rolex, that somewhere was London in 1905. What would go on to evolve, many years later, into the most successful and recognizable watch brand in the world began not as a manufacturer, but as a strictly commercial enterprise. Originally named Wilsdorf & Davis, it was founded by […]

The Top 10 Rolex Dials

Of all the numerous elements that go into making a watch, the dial is by far the most immediately striking. For it to be a success, every feature, from the color to the indexes to the material, has to be able to work together to form an harmonious whole. Much like our own faces, there […]

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