Celebrity Chefs and the Rolex Watches They Love

Along with movie actors, pro athletes, television stars, and business titans, there are plenty of popular chefs that also enjoy immense celebrity status. Thanks to the advent of cooking shows and entire TV channels dedicated to food, celebrity chefs are not only household names but in fact, global brands. With all that fame and fortune […]

Huge Hollywood Actors and their Co-Starring Rolex Watches

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches We recently covered Mark Wahlberg’s fantastic Rolex watch collection, so this got us thinking about other Hollywood celebrities wearing Rolex watches. Behold five heavyweight Hollywood actors and the Rolex watches they choose to wear. Brad Pitt’s Rolex Watches Along with being one of the most famous actors on the planet today, […]

5 Rolex Daytona Chronographs Sell For Over $1 Million at Phillips Auction

After the record-breaking sale of Paul Newman’s own Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman” watch last year—which sold for an incredible $17.75 million—we were surprised to learn that Phillips Auction was not done with selling high-profile vintage Daytona chronographs. In fact, they organized a vintage Daytona themed sale dubbed “Daytona Ultimatum” that just concluded in Geneva on […]