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The World’s Billionaires and Their Rolex Watches

It’s hard to imagine, but according to Forbes, there are 2,208 billionaires on this planet. This select group of ultra-wealthy people, aka the “three comma club,” includes 585 Americans—the largest nationality by far. Naturally, we were curious to see which members of the 2018 Billionaires Club wear Rolex watches and unsurprisingly, we found quite a […]

Yellow Gold Rolex Watches

Is there anything that can split an opinion quite like a gold watch? Once seen as the king of precious metals, yellow gold timepieces have been the victims of their own success and now tend to be viewed as either the retirement gift your grandfather was given, or else they are the self-congratulating wrist trophies […]

The Best of Both Worlds With Rolesor

Rolex first patented the term Rolesor way back in 1933. A portmanteau of ‘Rolex’ and the French for gold, ‘Or’, the twin tones of Rolesor has been used to describe their own proprietary blending of gold and stainless steel ever since. However, with the brand employing three different colors of the precious metal throughout their range, […]