Rolex Fetches High Prices at Auction

Part of the provenance Rolex bring is their high resale value, and what the brand commands in auction. When watches sell at high prices at auction, despite that many of these pieces are untouchable by ones who normally see Rolex at a dealer, on someone’s wrist, or on the Internet, the brand’s caché increases when […]

Perpetual Spirit Magazine: Rolex’s Finest

Many Swiss manufacturers publish magazines that compliment and promote their watches. Typically, these manufacturer published magazines are no charge and they make great keepsake or reference book for the watch you are currently infatuated. For years, Rolex published Perpetual Spirit, a quarterly or half-yearly publication that was only available at authorized dealers, or from the […]

Rolex does the Date right: Setting the Date on your Rolex

Back in 1945 when Rolex was celebrating its 40th birthday (see Beckertime’s Rolex History here) at Rolex continued to innovate by releasing the Datejust Caliber 740, the world’s first automatic date mechanism in a wristwatch. The watch was called the DateJust because the date would progress “just in time” precisely at midnight without delay. Since […]

How to Wind and Set Your Rolex Cellini

The Rolex Cellini is a classic dress watch, fully manual wind and the crown sets the date without any fuss. This video will show how easy it is to wind the Rolex Cellini and set the date of this not so typical, yet elegant Rolex. This is a Rolex Cellini. What makes the Rolex Cellini […]

Keeping your Rolex new looking and clean

There are various thoughts on keeping Rolex’s clean and new looking. Even though Rolex wristwatches are designed to withstand the elements, the 904L steel Rolex utilizes in its cases and bracelets do become slightly dull with use, and a clean bracelet will last longer and not stretch as quickly. Fortunately, 904L stainless steel is incredibly […]

What is the big deal of Rolex’s use of 904L steel?

Starting in the early 2000’s Rolex use of 904L stainless steel transitioned from using the industry standard 316L stainless steel to 904L stainless steel. Rolex initially utilized 904L in the case only, but the newer sport watches utilize 904L in both the case and the bracelet. Even though stainless steel is supposed to prevent rusting […]

Rolex Bracelet Clasps – Always a debate

Traditional Rolex Tuna Can Clasp Rolex bracelet clasps have always been a point of debate. An important part of the Rolex bracelet, yet for years the clasp was a point who many thought Rolex had under-engineered. Up until recently the Rolex clasp was a stamped piece of steel that closed via a somewhat spring loaded […]