Maintaining Your Rolex Watch – Part II: The Strap

Maintaining Your Watch Part II – The Watch Strap In Part I of Maintaining Your rolex Watch, we discussed some of the daily maintenance rituals that watch owners should perform each day.  Like owning anything mechanical, there are maintenance items that need to be performed periodically to insure that your watch continues lifelong operation. One […]

Thoughts on 2012 Basel and Rolex

The Basel show each year creates and brings much anticipation and this year was no different. In some Basel shows, Rolex is predictable with their offerings and upgrades and in some years there are new surprises. The 2012 year brought out a big surprise, and some predictable upgrades. Rolex is Switzerland’s largest consumer of gold […]

Updating your Watch with a New Strap

One of the neat things about wearing and collecting watches are some of the customizations that is easily done to a watch without requiring the skills of a watchmaker. Perhaps the easiest is replacing the strap with one that might be more comfortable, better suited to the elements of a particular outing, or just to […]

Where to Learn About Watches

Learning about mechanical watches has always been somewhat of a challenge because the watch industry believes that the less information is available to the consumer, the more reliant the consumer is to the dealer for information. For years, the only real information on watches and brands were consumer point-of-sale materials, a few books that were […]

Which Watch should I Get

Of the many questions that are posed to dealers and watch collectors alike is “which watch should I get?” Purchasing a fine mechanical watch should be a big decision as fine Swiss watches, the ones that will last generations, are expensive. Some watch companies intimate that one never really owns a fine Swiss watch, rather […]

Rolex the Beauty the Magic

Nothing says you have arrived like a Rolex. Of all the ways a person can extrude confidence, taste, affluence and success, a Rolex watch is the king of them all. You can keep your iPad, your Gucci and your Jimmy Choo’s, the only way to really display your status in life is by owning the […]

Major Milestones of Rolex

The Rolex company is now over one hundred years old. First formed in 1908 in Switzerland, and then in 1912 in London, the watchmaker has a reputation built on outstanding quality and stunning beauty. During the last century, there have been many milestones along the way. The following is a chronological overview of many of […]

Purchasing a New versus a Pre-owned Rolex

Most people have thought about how fabulous it would be to own a Rolex. The watches are one of those aspirational objects that really say you have made it. Unfortunately, new ones are well out of reach of most of us. So why not a pre-owned one? There are many pleasures in life that are […]

Where to Buy A Pre Owned Rolex Watch

BeckerTime of course! BeckerTime has worked hard to build a reputation for fairness and honesty that we are rightfully proud of. Our priority is ensuring you get the watch you’re looking for and are completely happy with the Rolex, and the service you receive. As one of the largest online retailers of pre-owned Rolex, we […]