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Stories. Every Rolex wearer has one. Some are better than others, of course, but each is unique. One of my favorites is the one a friend tells about the time he crossed paths with a grizzled veteran TV producer wearing a vintage Pepsi GMT-Master. When asked about the watch, the guy allowed as how it […]

Dave’s Favourite Rolex(s) On BeckerTime

Rolex has done things extremely well for a long long time, and upon my reflections earlier on in the week about whether you should purchase new or old, I thought I would focus on old today. My first choice is this vintage 1950s datejust in steel. A real classic in my mind, and the first […]

One Man’s Rolex – WOMW Review

‘Batman’ has been with me for around 4 weeks now, and I don’t believe I have taken it off yet other than to set the time. As mentioned previously this is truly a stunning piece of engineering not for any horological and technological feats, but about doing the simple things exceptionally. Today we are talking about […]

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