Blog posts about Rolex watches

Announcing BeckerTime’s Summer Free(ze) Event

BeckerTime Summer Promotion It may be heating up outside, but we predict a cool front! In fact, now through the end of summer, cool off with our BeckerTime summer promotion: The Summer Free(ze) Event! We know you’ve been eyeing that preowned Rolex, so now’s the time to buy. Our BeckerTime summer promotion is on now and […]

How To Find the Best Price on a Rolex Watch

Congratulations! You’re in the market for a Rolex watch. Rolex is the most iconic, most revered, most desirable watch in the world. You’re also a wise investor, it seems. Rolex watches are one of the few that actually maintain or increase in value over time. So now comes the big question. Where can you find […]

What Rolex Can Teach Us About Quality

Pre Owned Rolex Quality What Rolex can teach us about quality is demonstrated in its position with value, integrity, and prestige. Pre owned Rolex quality has been confirmed over time. These timepieces have maintained their value and integrity over generations. Even the Rolex name is synonymous with status, style and precision.  In fact, you can find an extensive selection […]

Review of the Rolex Passion Meeting in Holland

Straps and goodies around collecting watches, especially Rolex, were the main focus of the Rolex Passion Meeting that happened in Holland recently. A new space opened and several watch collectors came to celebrate with an evening of catered food and drinks, and of course some unforgettable watch collections. The host was wearing a unique, classic […]

The Ultimate Spring Rolex

Here is an awesome double photo of a green and gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch that would be perfect for spring. The green isn’t too bright or obnoxiously overbearing, and actually compliments the undertones in the gold around it. The owner of the watch took a great photo of the Rolex close up, and […]