June 2012 - Beckertime, LLC

To Declare or not Declare Your Rolex

Following up on a story reported by the Vancouver Sun, a Canadian man must pay nearly $40,000 (CDN) after failing to declare his $81,510 (CDN) at Canadian customs. The man pleaded guilty on May 29 attempting to paying duty on his watch which raises the question on whether to declare or not declare your new […]

Rolex Fetches High Prices at Auction

Part of the provenance Rolex bring is their high resale value, and what the brand commands in auction. When watches sell at high prices at auction, despite that many of these pieces are untouchable by ones who normally see Rolex at a dealer, on someone’s wrist, or on the Internet, the brand’s caché increases when […]

Perpetual Spirit Magazine: Rolex’s Finest

Many Swiss manufacturers publish magazines that compliment and promote their watches. Typically, these manufacturer published magazines are no charge and they make great keepsake or reference book for the watch you are currently infatuated. For years, Rolex published Perpetual Spirit, a quarterly or half-yearly publication that was only available at authorized dealers, or from the […]

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