What is it with the Rolex traditional YachtMaster

From a distance, the traditional Rolex YachtMaster looks like a Submariner, but in reality, it is a much different watch. Initially introduced in 1967 as a derivative of the Rolex Daytona Chronograph, there were only two known versions. The more modern edition of the Yachtmaster was introduced in 1992 in 18kt gold, utilized the same […]

The 11 Best Resources for Rolex

Without question, the Internet changed how watch aficionados get their information about watches. Before the Internet, watch fans had to rely upon word of mouth which many times was unreliable, books -but often were dated or did not focus upon a particular interest, the watch industry itself by visiting dealers or reading biased promotional material, […]

Imagine a world without Rolex (and Patrick Heiniger)

Last week Patrick Heiniger, former Director of Rolex died at age 62.  Heiniger led Rolex from 1992 to 2008 who ran the company after his father, André Heiniger who had succeeded Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf in 1963. Heiniger embodied the Rolex philosophy of excellence and hard work. Heiniger oversaw the transition of an inhouse movement […]

6 Things To Know When Shopping for Rolex Online

Know These 6 Important Tips Before Beginning Your Online Journey Like with anything the Internet touches, there is a sense of the cyber world mirroring the physical world. Entities like Facebook mirror physical friendships and relationships. Similarly, the world of online shopping attempts to mirror physical shopping with online storefronts. For instance, the “Cyber Monday” sales day […]

Apple & Rolex, not a bad pair of companies

Although it seems that Rolex does not look for mainstream attention, the luxury watchmaker tops the annual superbrands survey, where it remains on top of the U.K. consumer favorites list for the second year running, topping ever present Apple and Microsoft, and U.K. megabrand Rolls-Royce.  Superbrands published two surveys; one listing Consumer Superbrands and the […]