More on the New Rolex GMT Master II in blue

What many Rolex aficionados were hoping for came true last Wednesday at Baselworld, a bi-colored ceramic bezel on the Rolex GMT Master II.  For years after indicating that ceramic in two colors was technically impossible, Rolex found a way to keep the virtually scratchproof and fade proof ceramic properties in a one piece bezel.  Many […]

Rolex surprises all with a bi-colored ceramic bezel at Baselworld

Rolex surprised all by releasing six new upgrades at Baselworld this morning.  Rolex holds its new watch announcements to the Baselworld show building up expectations from Rolex watch fans and industry observers. Rolex’s new releases continue the evolution of their existing watch line.  Unlike previous Baselworld shows, Rolex did not announce any completely new models. […]

Rolex and Baselworld -it’s that time again

Every spring since 1917 the small town of Basel Switzerland becomes the center of the watch and jewelry industry with Baselworld, the largest and most influential tradeshow.  Nestled in the section where Switzerland, France and Germany, Basel is one of the largest industry tradeshows of its kind.  Baselworld is comprised of four two-story exhibit halls […]

Every Rolex watch has its crown

One of Rolex’s trademarks, literally and figuratively is the Rolex crown. The five pointed Rolex crown logo is recognized around the globe, but what many people do not realize that what also sets a Rolex apart is the winding crown. A critical part in keeping a Rolex Oyster case water tight is the winding crown. […]

Like or hate it: The Rolex DeepSea

There is not any other way to put it. The Rolex DeepSea is a large watch. One of Rolex’s engineering marvels, the DeepSea is designed to descend to depth not survivable by any human with a pressure rating of 12,800 feet. At 44mm wide, 17.5mm high the DeepSea is a true tool watch; a watch […]

Rolex Oyster bracelets: hollow link or solid link?

Rolex Oyster Riveted Bracelet Throughout Rolex’s evolution there has been much emphasis on movement, case, dial, function, but not much focus on one of the watch most important elements –the bracelet. Early Rolex models utilized a customary vintage strap, but starting in 1947 Rolex created the Oyster strap making the watch look like with was […]

Another Rolex First: Dating Rolex Ambassadors

Rolex has many first (see last week’s The Top 12 things people did not know about Rolex), but this is one that no other Swiss watch company has, – brand ambassadors who are dating. Rolex Ambassador Tiger Woods and Rolex Ambassador Lindsey Vonn are dating. Although their relationship has been widely reported in the mainstream […]