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Someone took James Gandolfini’s Rolex

James Gandolfini’s family who is already enduring the shock of James’ untimely death of a heart attack is also enduring the unexpected shock of someone taking the late actor’s Rolex Submariner. According to an insurance claim reported by, Gandolfini’s Rolex Submariner was taken from his suite at the time of his passing on June […]

How many ticks does it take to discern a Rolex

When it comes to identifying whether a Rolex is genuine, it seems that everyone is an expert. In the last few weeks, media outlets have posted, and re-posted, tell-tale signs that a Rolex is real. The weight of the watch, the lettering on the dial, the grammar used in the manual and sales description, whether […]

Rolex and Sears in the same sentence?

Typically when one thinks of purchasing a Rolex, Sears is the last place one would consider. The Sears & Roebuck catalog, whom many considered the “wishbook” through many generations, carried everything from guns, underwear, vinyl records, houses, electric motors when they were the revolutionary household tool. Sears is continuing that concept of carrying everything by […]