New watch coming to Rolex March 26

You know when BaselWorld is coming when Rolex unveils it teasers.  These last few years Rolex posts on their webpage and YouTube channel teaser videos slowly revealing their soon to be released watches.  In past years, Rolex posted teaser videos for the updated Yachtmaster II, the updated Explorer and Explorer II, the SkyDweller among other […]

Is Apple going to Switzerland for the iWatch

Renowned Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung reported earlier in March that Apple looks to the Swiss watch industry for employees and legitimacy.  As reported in, Apple is attempting to recruit employees from Swiss watch houses and that Apple wants the “Swiss Made” seal on its iWatch. If both of these assertions are true, Apple is looking […]

What’s a Rolex Cyclops?

One pastime many watch enthusiasts do while out in public is Rolex watch spotting. While ambling down the sidewalk or watching a movie, a watch lover is always looking to see what others are wearing. Spotting a Rolex is not too difficult because there is no anti-reflective coating on the crystal. This gives it a […]

When is a Rolex not a Rolex?

With a title like that, you’re probably thinking we’re talking fakes again this week. Well, not quite. Call it a little artistic license. My wife and I saw the Leonardo DeCaprio film, “The Wolf Of Wall Street the other night.” Unfortunately, DeCaprio didn’t win for his contribution to the on-screen debauchery. And frankly, we think […]

What Does Amazon And A Clock Have In Common?

Simply put one man, by the name of Jeff Bezos. Why, is the main and over riding question, would I be asking what the connection is between an online retailer and a clock? Well it would appear that Jeff Bezos is involved in a philanthropic venture that has built an absolute behemoth of a clock, […]

Got UV-LiGA? Rolex does…

Even though wristwatch technology predates the 20th Century, there is no question that micro and nano technologies influence modern day mechanical wristwatches.  Despite the ubiquity of quartz wristwatches, simple three hand mechanical wristwatches are marvels in their own right because of the precision in their design and manufacture. Adding to the simple magnificence of mechanical […]