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BeckerTime is Back with their Second Annual Free(ze) Event

Summer has officially begun! Along with rising temperatures and long lazy days, summer also means that BeckerTime will host their annual Free(ze) event. Back by popular demand, the BeckerTime 2018 Summer Free(ze) promotion will take place from June 21, 2018, until September 22, 2018. During this time, BeckerTime will offer a Rolex cleaning cloth and […]

The 36mm Rolex Watches

There’s no doubt the dimensions of watches have steadily grown throughout their lifetime. The minute jewelry-like pieces that were once the sole preserve of women took a sizeable leap when the wristwatch became an acceptable male accessory. However, for decades, it was rare for a man’s watch to exceed 34mm, but the introduction of sports […]

Future Classics: GMT-Master ref. 1675

As with pretty much any innovation, a brand new product rarely hits the ground running. A manufacturer can test and retest their latest creation for only so long before they have to release it out into the wild and let its intended audience decide on its effectiveness and desirability. Rolex is no different, and watches […]