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Scam: The Subtle Scam – the Frankenwatch

The third scam we at BeckerTime want to address is the frankenwatch. Mary Shelley’s monster was a single human being created from using parts of many different human beings. And that’s what a frankenwatch is, a single watch made up of parts from many different models. Are those hands correct for that particular version of […]

Fitting a Rolex Bracelet

Rolex bracelets are somewhat easy to fit and size, given that you have the correct tools. The intent behind bracelet fitting is to have the clasp centered on the underside of your wrist, not off to one side. Typically having the clasp centered required moving links from one side of the band to the other, […]

Removing a Modern Rolex Bracelet

Modern Rolex bracelets are some of the most robust and toughest in the watch industry. 904L stainless steel used in modern Rolex bracelets makes them very durable, but there are times that the bracelet requires removal for cleaning. Although bracelets to not “stretch” in the technical sense, they do elongate and become longer and looser […]

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