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12 things people do not know about Rolex

The 12 Top Fascinating Things To Know About Rolex. There are a few tidbits about Rolex that typically do not come up in conversation. Here are 12 things to know about Rolex that has helped set them apart and drive the Company to success. 1. GMT and Explorer II Rolex’s can work as a compass […]

Good Evening Mr. President

The Rolex Day-Date, popularly known as the President, is getting its own day in the Sun. Auction house Phillips, new to the watch auction arena with their Phillips Watches division, is kicking things off with a bang. The Glamorous Day-Date is a Presidents-only auction, being held on the evening of May 9 in Geneva. It […]

Rolex Throws One To The Geeks

Press Day at Baselworld and elsewhere here on the blog, my colleague Dave Kaiten is rubbing my nose in the fact that he’s there and I’m not. Meanwhile, over at the Rolex booth… Calibre 3255 just landed. Rolex is touting the new movement as the first of a new generation. Twice the precision of an […]

Rolex’s Little Brother

Last week we touched on Tudor’s current releases, the Heritage Ranger and the Heritage Chrono Blue. These seemingly homage watches are actually extensions of popular watches of decades gone by. They represent the tip of a resurfacing iceberg. That of Tudor Watches, which in 2013 came back to US shores. Years and decades ago, Tudor […]

Trends in Watches

Trends really don’t show themselves in watches the way they do in, say, clothing. The lead times are too long, and the investments too great to take such risks as “orange is the new black.” But, as British watch industry watcher James Gurney pointed out a few weeks ago, they do happen. They simply happen […]