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Rolex, POW, and a Great Escape (updated)

Any good story has a great plot complete with setting, conflict that rises throughout the story to some type of climax, then a resolution. The story of the late Lieutenant Gerald Imeson Rolex watch has the same elements. Imeson’s Rolex chronograph is making headlines around the globe because it up for auction on November 6 […]

What is Cool about the Updated Rolex GMT

When one speaks of watches that fall into the “tool watch” category, the Rolex GMT is certainly of them. The Rolex GMT was designed for a particular purpose rather than to look elegant. The Rolex GMT evolved since its debut at the 1953 Basel Watch Show with improvements to both functionality and utility. Rolex’s latest […]

What if Rolex Was Not Around?

One of the interesting questions posed in a forum recently asked “what watch would you get if there was not Rolex.” There were various responses that discussed the benefits of other watch brands and what other wrist watch aficionados would wear, but the responses missed the bigger question, “What if Rolex was not in existence?” […]

Major Milestones of Rolex

The Rolex company is now over one hundred years old. First formed in 1908 in Switzerland, and then in 1912 in London, the watchmaker has a reputation built on outstanding quality and stunning beauty. During the last century, there have been many milestones along the way. The following is a chronological overview of many of […]

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