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All Of A Sudden, A Flood Of Smartwatches

With the official launch of the Apple Watch, it seems like smartwatches are coming out of the woodwork. TAG-Heuer, Frederique-Constant/Alpina, Breitling, a weird one called Hoptroff, and probably a lot of brands whose efforts I haven’t heard about yet, have all gotten on the bandwagon with one sort of connected watch or another. But that’s […]

It’s A Brave New Smartwatch World

Well campers… it seems the time has come to acknowledge that smartwatches represent a modern day horological Pandora’s Box. It’s been opened and there’s no stuffing the new gadgets back inside. Indeed, several luxury and high end brands (LVMH – specifically TAG-Heuer, and Montblanc among them) have announced plans for smartwatches. This, in contrast to […]

TAG Heuer are going to take on Apple?

Following in the foot steps of Apple and LG and Samsung and every other technology company under the sun. It would appear there are plans for TAG Heuer to go head-to-head. French luxury group LVMH’s brand Tag Heuer has declared plans to create its own smart watch, just a few days after Apple’s big announcement. […]

SmartWatches… Yes, SmartWatches… Again

With today’s dropping of Motorola’s Moto 360, and an anticipated product announcement next week by long-time smartwatch genre holdout Apple, I thought I’d weigh in one more time about smartwatches. A friend of mine who should know – he’s an ex-Dell marketing guy – claims none other than Apple industrial design genius Jony Ive has […]

In the era of the smartwatch, arguments for Rolex

Back in August and covered here on Beckertime, there were multiple pundits slamming Rolex watches. MSNBC contributor Timothy Noah wrote that, “…for any politician who didn’t enter office a wealthy man, nothing says ‘I take bribes’ like a Rolex watch.” Columnist Mark Shields wrote about the “Rolex gene”, opining that people who wear Rolex have […]

A SmartWatch that is Swiss and not plastic

The smart watch has certainly evolved from the Casio calculator watch and taking an iPod mini and strapping it to your wrist. With the Pebble smart watch found at your local Best Buy, smart watches are trying to get traction in the mass mainstream market.  The big three portable electronics manufacturers, Google/Android, Apple, and Samsung, […]