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VIDEO: Reassembling a Rolex Submariner

If you’re a fan of watches and watch making, prepare to have your mind blown with this video of a professional watchmaker reassembling a Rolex Submariner. The insanely intricate movement of this watch is made of over a hundred tiny pieces, all of which are crucial to making the watch tick, and assembled by hand. […]

Rolex’s Little Brother

Last week we touched on Tudor’s current releases, the Heritage Ranger and the Heritage Chrono Blue. These seemingly homage watches are actually extensions of popular watches of decades gone by. They represent the tip of a resurfacing iceberg. That of Tudor Watches, which in 2013 came back to US shores. Years and decades ago, Tudor […]

Rolex’s Big Kahuna, Part 2

In this post we’re picking up where we left off with the Submariner history last week. The history of the Submariner morphs into the history of the Sea-Dweller rather smoothly. Or perhaps we should say, the Sea-Dweller branches off the Submariner line like a mathematical tangent. There’s nary a bump to let you know you’ve […]

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